Fourteen war refugees have been on hunger strike since 1st November, fighting for their right to a speedy family reunification process, and for an end to their lengthy, dangerous wandering. While their requests have been accepted and the law requires that reunification take place within a maximum of six months, they are being delayed and condemned to suffer away from their loved ones.
The refugees are protesting against the German government’s secret deal with the Greek government, which limits the number of reunifications per month, and demand an end to administrative excuses for the delays, and for their air transport to be arranged immediately.

For these reasons, they are calling on all of us to be at Syntagma on Wednesday 8 November at 12.00, when we will march towards the German embassy, one week after the beginning of the hunger strike, as a show of support to their struggle.

Their relatives in Berlin will be protesting at the same time.

Victory to the hunger strikers

Schedule flights for reunifications immediately

Family reunification for refugees now